About Sugarhouse

What is Sugarhouse?

Sugarhouse is a requirements management application. It is designed for enterprise use, supporting many features that are needed to operate in a commercial environment. Sugarhouse is designed specifically for managing requirements in complex software projects, but is general and can no doubt be applied to other domains as well.

Sugarhouse is used by different members of the wider development team. Business analysts typically use it to collect and refine requirements. Developers and other content producers consume the refined requirements, and use them to deliver solutions. Management and other stakeholders view the requirements, or are notified of changes of interest to them.

What does it Cost?

Sugarhouse is an open source project and is licensed under the popular GPL license. This means that there are no licensing costs, either for initial purchase or as ongoing license fees. You are free to use the application for whatever purposes you like. Support providers may charge for support services, but not for the software itself.

The only restriction the GPL license places is if you make changes to the source of Sugarhouse and wish to redistribute it. In this case, the GPL stipulates that you also release your changes under GPL, which is a way of giving back to the community. Note this only applies to source changes, not to the configuration options.