Release Plan

Version 0.1

due 31 March 2006

This will be a source only release.

Features of this release will include:

  • Client, server and PostGreSQL database.
  • Multiple user access with authentication.
  • Main form.
  • Tree view display of items in a project.
  • Item creation, display and editing in tabs (excluding rich-text fields).
  • Error display.

Version 0.2

due 30 June 2006

This will be a source-only release.

Features of this release will include:

  • Editing of rich text fields in items.
  • Display of icons for items.
  • Moving items.

Future versions

to be announced

The following features are planned for inclusion in the version 1.0 release. A release date has not been determined.

  • Traces between items.
  • Resources/attachments for items.
  • Multiple-value attributes.
  • Item printing.
  • Item versioning.
  • Administration of projects and item types.
  • User administration.
  • Document generation engine, with OpenDocument and XML targets.
  • Tracability matrix.