Technology Used in the Sugarhouse Project

Development Platform

Sugarhouse is being developed on the Microsoft .NET platform, and is being written in C#. It is designed to work cross-platform, and is actively developed using Mono. The UI is being implemented using Glade and Gtk#.

Application Structure

Sugarhouse has a client application which is supported by a server component, and an underlying database. Multiple clients talk to the server process as an information broker.

Client and server communicate using .NET Remoting. The server is a single-call (server activated object). It is intended to be scalable to support multiple servers.

Database Back-End

The currently supported database back-end is PostGreSQL, a powerful and freely available database engine. Support will later extend to MySQL, Microsoft SQL/Server and Oracle.

The Sugarhouse server uses the Gentle.NET object persistence framework to talk to the database.